All collaboration involves a process by which a set of thoughts and ideas transmute as they travel through windows from one reader-viewer-authorly space and out doors or other windows into some other author-reader-viewerly place which will affect the ways in which they are both intellectually, spatially and intuitively constructed and apprehended ...

Each new version of a set of texts and images offers a variety of views and changes in light and atmosphere.

As works are transformed into something different, play is established, and contexts shift and change, to varying degrees. The authors, who are also readers and viewers, arrive on landings, at passages leading to the cells of released prisoners ... texts which used to only inhabit one author-readerly space.

The doors tried ... open onto rooms which may have been unoccupied for years, except by their wire stretchers, int ... inter ... textsand chests, and the corpses of moths;
till in some cell, intended for a few important, or semi-responsible inmates, signs of life might be found ...
a few visible possessions such as ground-down, yellow-bristled hair-brushes, a hare's foot stained brown, the framed snapshot of two figures enlaced against an empty bandstand, in front of an expanse of white sea ...
The intertextualities and inter-images form and re-form ...
Arriving at
interpretations is
not the aim which is
like a telescope,  
or binoculars, or  
something else  
that will shatter  
everything into a kaleidoscope of (inter)textual
fragments ...
images ...

When making/viewing art the journey is everything ... the spaces


during the process of collaboration are
as fulfilling
as the visual/textual entities
on the way.
The process of creating something collaboratively ... means always working intertextually
and inter-imagically,
assembling ideas and images,         
words and threads taken from elsewhere ...       
never seeking finality or end,                
but always looking for          
the next diving board         
from which to dive, headlong,      
into another sea.